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American Thinker - American Thinker

Daily Paul - To promote awareness and spread the message of Liberty throughout this great nation.

David Limbaugh - David Limbaugh

Dignitas News Service - Politics, family and culture. A forum for Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party members and the liberals who love to hate us.

Ignored Reality - Political Commentary from writers that are Definitely Provocative but ALWAYS correct.

Michelle Malkin - Michelle Malkin

Right Turn Signal - is a Conservative News & Politics Blog. Visit us NOW for the News, Videos, games & puzzles and FREE STUFF.

The Cranky Housewife - Political, social and faith-based discussions from a Cranky Housewife. Mission:To promote political activism within traditional conservative communities

The Political Post - Political fact and opinion page related to current issues.

Twins Opinion - The mainstream media has gone to extreme measures to bombard the younger generation with their liberal ideology hoping that some of it would be absorbed. As twin brothers, we have come together as a team to hopefully provide information and a different perspective to the issues that not only face our generation today, but most importantly, how they will affect our future.

What they're not saying - In this blog, I hope to deliver good-quality essays regularly concerning national political issues and ideas. Anyone is welcome to visit. Please vote in the polls, subscribe to new essays, and invite your friends.

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