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29Times - Conservative News, Politics, Breaking News, and Opinion. Run by US Military Veterans.

A1 News Page - News to keep you in the know™

All News Polls - News on polls for news and politics.

CNSNews - News.

Conservative American Blog - The most conservative American blog in the history of the Internet.

Conservative Appeal - The latest conservative news nationwide.

Drudge Report - News.

Ebola Outbreak Map - tracks Ebola in the united states. Thousands are being monitored for Ebola right now. Texas, Minnesota, Boston, Washington are building new Ebola treatment facilities to treat west African tourists in the united states.

FIELD COMMENTS - The internet source for the ground truth.

FoxNews - News.

Heartland Conservatives - News oriented conservative website with a dash of humor. Conservative Articles, Videos, Homemade Heartland Conservative T.V. and Conservative Voice Forum Page.

Konservative Kartel - Self-Defined Conservatives, or Konservatives develop an ideology that originates in the same founding documents that all conservatives revere, but the journeys conclusion is less guided by expectations of external doctrine.

Laura Echevarria - Conservative commentary from a former spokesperson and media director for a national pro-life citizens' lobby group.

Matt Snyder For President - It's time we had a President with some clue of what it means to live like we do-- someone who has personally felt the repercussions of government policies-- a true representative of the common people!

Right On Reason News Site - Snappy, wittty and timely, RoR features topical essays and quick interpretations of news & culture from a distinctly Conservative point of view. RoR also features links to other major current news sites and events of interest.

Sack Heads Radio Show - Join us EVERY Friday night for the Friday Night Fiasco! Clint and Shaun cover the latest in politics, news, baseball, and more. Doing our best to save the Republic, we call it as we see it and don't pull any punches. Special Guest, Callers, insanity, comedy and in your face analysis are all on the show. You do NOT want to miss one episode, because if you won't get a Christmas Card!

The Dirty Conservative - Conservative News, Discussion, and Opinion. Liberals Need Not Apply!

The Political Commentator - Conservative opinion, commentary and analysis on issues and events around the globe that have the potential to affect us all! Specific attention is paid to U.S. national defense, foreign policy and national politics and politicians.

The Washington Times - The Washington Times is a full-service, general interest daily newspaper in the nation's capital.

Weird Republic - Weird Republic is a whipping post for fools and scoundrels. These hundreds of funny and impassioned essays are one conservative Mensa member’s reflections on celebrity cop killers, racial racketeers, fact-challenged feminists, junk science hoaxers, jackbooted schoolmarms, homicidal jihadists, the torture-squad commander who invented Kwanzaa, and so much more.

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